Beat Hazard Ultra Review: Shooting to a Rocking Tune

Any followers of DroidGamers will be aware of the existence of this PC indie classic that is now available on android. There are a lot of these ‘bullet hell’ shooters available from the market, but has Beat Hazard Ultra got an ace up its sleeve that separates it from them all? Let’s find out shall […]

The Sandbox Review: A big playground of pixel fun

We’ve seen numerous Minecraft-inspired games ever since the indie smash swept the market, ranging from blatant ripoffs to nifty riffs on the new genre. The Sandbox falls into the latter category and in point of fact is a game on its own. Actually, I would relatively categorize it under “world creation” and creative tool which […]

Quick Hits: Avabel Online Beta Review – Now with English support!

Avabel Online, some of the latest games from Asobimo, creators of Iruna Online, has in the end been released in English! Players can now download the English version of the game off of Google Play and if you were playing in the Japanese beta, your character should be perfectly fine.  Name: Avabel Online beta | […]

Soul Fjord Review: An arcade fighting game with style and the music to match

Soul Fjord is a rare type of game. It’s ambitious, it possesses a strong, defining sense of style, place and time. It’s marriage of 1970’s Funk and Norse Mythology feels completely natural. It’s one of the vital rare instances of a game that attempts of a Tarantino-esque mash-up of style and genre, and under the leadership of […]

EP0CH Review: A mixed bag at best

EP0CH is a rail shooter released by Uppercut Games. For the uninitiated, rail shooters are where the player’s path through a game is strictly defined and players have no control over the forward progression, but instead focus exclusively on shooting and dodging with the progression the level/game occurring once the screen has been cleared of […]

Review Bites: Humble Noodlecake Games Bundle Edition

So, it’s a new week, and we have a fresh Humble Mobile Bundle, this time featuring games from Noodlecake Studios. As someone who is usually a fan of the games they generally publish I was a bit excited about this one. Did that excitement hold up? Is this another home run sure-thing bundle like the […]